Lighthouse is an open-source project which resides at a repository maintained by Sigma Prime.

Being open-source, we expect there to be many contributors as the project evolves. With respect to this, we provide a list of core contributors below (all lists are in alphabetical order):


The following team members are focussed on implementing and extending (or more ideally, shrinking) the code base.

Paul Hauner

Paul Hauner

Github: @paulhauner
Twitter: @paulhauner

Professional software developer of 8 years. Open-source developer/contributor of Casper TFG/FFG and Beacon Chain projects. Previously, software engineer for embedded systems working in health, defence, and enterprise.

Dr Adrian Manning

Adrian Manning

Github: @AgeManning
Twitter: @AgeManning

Physicist turned blockchain scientist. PhD in theoretical particle physics with a strong background in various computer science disciplines. Primary research interests are in computer/blockchain security, cryptography and blockchain scaling solutions.

Chris Natoli


Github: @NatoliChris
Twitter: @_chrisnatoli

Ph.D. Candidate in computer science at the University of Sydney. Conducting research on blockchain consensus algorithms, membership reconfiguration, and sharding. Software Engineer.


The following team members are focussed on analysis and hardening of the protocol, code base, and development process.

Luke Anderson

Luke Anderson

Github: @spble
LinkedIn: Luke Anderson

Lecturer of information security at the University of Sydney. Organiser of SydEthereum, the Sydney Ethereum meetup. Software engineer. Previously security lead at

Mehdi Zerouali

Paul Hauner

Github: @zedt3ster
Twitter: @ethZed

Information security expert with a focus on Ethereum. Ex-cybersecurity manager for a global consulting firm. Has lead countless information security engagements in the Ethereum and cryptocurrency sector.